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Han Chang- we specialized in the manufacturing of customized aluminum alloy products.

Aluminum machining fabrication


Aluminum machining solutions

Han Chang provide a variety of solutions with our skills of CNC machining, metal stamping and punching, sheet metal fabrication with a variety choices of surface fininshing. With all those machining process, we are able to helped our client to fabricate products like aluminium chassis, aluminium enclosures, aluminium cases, aluminium panels and frames, aluminium heat sinks, aluminium brackets, aluminium storages. For years, we have been dedicated to provide the best aluminum machining solutions for our valuable customers. We implement 3D measuring instrument to make sure we offer the best quality for our client and we continuesly to train our emplyees to discover and overcome problems druing production. Our client will come and find us repeatly for our sophisticated machining skills and problem solving . There are some solutions below that we help to overcome for our loyal client, if you are dealing with an cnc machining problemes, give us a chance, and we might be the answers for your questions!

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This is a special request from our customer. Normally, panel and frames will be made with a flatmess of 180° degree. However, this customer wants the panel to be spherical. During the process, the first...

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Aluminum's soft-texture characteristics often cause deformation during extrusion porcess. For many years, we have been dealing deformation problems with our client from Germany, Japna, China, Turkey,...

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Aluminum Components & Parts - Switch Plates and Buttons for Industrial Computers Manufacturer | Han Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Located in Taiwan since 1995, Han Chang Technology Co., Ltd. has been an industrial aluminum components and parts manufacturer. Our main aluminum products, including aluminum extruded cases, aluminum industrial computer chassis, aluminum embedded medical system chassis, aluminum computer heatsinks, aluminum soldering thermal modules, aluminum and copper blocks, aluminum front panels and frames for IPC, aluminum components and parts for industrial computers, which are produced with equipment such as automatic high speed cutting machines, grinding machines, 10 CNC milling machines, several drilling machines, 20T-110T punching machines and ultrasonic cleaners.

We specialized in aluminum CNC milling, Punching pressing and sheet metal fabrication. Our capability enables us to manufacture customized aluminum products including fanless aluminum chassis for any kind of industrial computers (1U, 2U, 3U, 4U), hardware raid array, in-vehicle computers, touch panels, embedded computers, electric mobile chassis. Han Chang provides CNC milling service, stamping and drilling service, sheet metal fabrication, assembling and packing service that enable us to manufacture aluminium products like IPC chassis, embedded chassis,heat sinks, PC panels. Heat sinks with cooling solutions, industrial computer chassis with flexible customization, outstanding tooling design RD team, and plus best after sales service, HAN CHANG's aluminum products are sold worldwide with solid reputation. With our latest high speed cutting saw, grinding, CNC milling, drilling, punching, lathe machine and ERP system, extruded aluminum parts and components such as hardware raid array, in-vehicle computers and touch panels are made with high performance.

Han Chang has been offering customers high-quality aluminum industrial computer components and parts, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Han Chang ensures each customer's demands are met.