Company Profile

Company Profile

We are professional aluminum manufacturer.

Professional Aluminum Manufacturer
Professional Aluminum Manufacturer

HAN CHANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in 1995, we specialized in the manufacture of customized aluminum alloy products including aluminum extruded cases, aluminum chassis for any kind of industrial computers, hardware raid array, in-vehicle computers, touch panels etc.

We have more than 20 years of experiences in the aluminum processing such as CNC milling, aluminum cutting, stamping, drilling, tapping. In addition to our outstanding processing capabilities, we have also accumulated many excellent outsourcing partners such as Laser cutting, NCT (Numerical Control Turret Punch Press), anodizing, sand-blasting....etc.

Through our professional team and outsourcing partners, we are highly confident with our efficient production line and comprehensive services that provide high quality products.

2017Purchased high speed CNC milling machine to replace old models.
2015Purchased high speed CNC milling machine x 2.
2014Purchased CNC milling machine x 3.
20122.5D Measuring purchased to strengthen measurement accurate.
2011Expanding our factory and integrated ERP system.
2005Acquired ISO 9001 Certificate.
2004Purchased CNC milling machine x 2.
2003Purchased Laser Engrave machine x 1.
2001Purchased CNC milling machine x 2.
2000Purchased 110T Pressing machine x 1.
1998Purchased CNC milling machine x 2.
1997Purchased Extrusion cross cutting machine.
1995Han Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd. Established.
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