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Surface Treatment

Surface Finishing

Customized Surface Treatment
Customized Surface Treatment

Depending on the need of customers, we offer different kind of surface treatment such as hairline processing, sand-blasting or abrasive, anodizing, powder or liquid coated, painting, electrolytic nickel, laser engraving to enhance the value and uniqueness of the product.

Our Surface Treatment Service

▲ Hairline Processing
The hairline processing is a widely used surface treatment process. Different texture can be seen by using different type of sandpaper. Hairline process can enhance the distinctiveness and the quality of the products.

▲ Sand-blasting or Abrasive
The appearance of the product can obtain different roughness through sand-blasting or abrasive that not only reduces the surface reflectance of the product and shows stronger metallic texture but covers the slight defect of the raw material surface and improves the yield rate of the production.

▲ Powder / Liquid Coating
We provide both powder and liquid coating that can prevent further oxidation of the aluminum material and enhance the surface performance and adjust the color and gloss according to the needs of customer.

▲ Anodizing
Anodizing can prevent further oxidation of aluminum material and make the surface looks more beautiful and enhance the distinctiveness of the products. According to your preference we also offer glossy finishing and matte finishing anodizing.

▲ Electrolytic Nickel Coating / Electroless Nickel Coating
To modify the surface, improve the surface hardness, increase the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and conductivity.

▲ Laser Engraving
Using laser light to break the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece to accurately and quickly engrave the designed graphics, numbers or fonts and partially. It has the superior quality of clear lines and permanently lasting on the workpiece.

▲ Painting
A common surface treatment for painting the logos or patterns or icon on the workpiece. We offer customize color and patterns depends on the need of our customers.

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