HAN CHANG - we specialized in the manufacture of customized aluminum alloy products.


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  • OEM / ODM - Comprehensive OEM for Aluminum Products
    OEM / ODM
    All-inclusive OEM Service

    Han Chang is well equipped with the latest machine that provide CNC milling service, stamping and drilling service, assembling and packing service, as well as tooling develop and process planning, with these machining process, we can customize aluminum products such as industrial computer chassis or cases, front panels or frames, heatsinks etc.... Our services were created as a direct result of our customers' everyday needs. We continuously develop our services in close cooperation with our customers. Production efficiency and flexible services are developed through continuous training and new investments. We believed that with our comprehensive OEM / ODM services, your company can achieve maximum benefit cooperating with us.

  • Metal Working - Professional Aluminum Machining
    Metal Working
    Metal Machining

    We expertise at any kind of metal working process. All of our customers can be 100% reassured for our services such as CNC milling machines, lathes, stamping, drilling, tapping, rivets, brazing and other metal processing. Han Chang always consider product quality as our top priority. We are constantly looking to improve the efficiency of our production processes and are relying upon increasingly sophisticated digital technologies to streamline the operations. Through research and development, our team will discuss for the most effective and innovative solution for our customers to enhance the quality of their products and competitiveness.

  • Product Assembling - Our Assembling Line
    Product Assembling
    Product Mounting

    Han Chang have many years of experience in assembling process, we establish SOP for each product to ensure zero mistake during the process. Also, rigorous inspections are implemented in every packaging steps to provide the best product for our customers.We not only manufacture single products but also provide assemble or mounting service according to the needs of the customers.

  • Surface Treatment - Customized Surface Treatment
    Surface Treatment
    Surface Finishing

    Depending on the need of customers, we offer different kind of surface treatment such as hairline processing, sand-blasting or abrasive, anodizing, powder or liquid coated, painting, electrolytic nickel, laser engraving to enhance the value and uniqueness of the product.

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