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HAN CHANG - we specialized in the manufacture of customized aluminum alloy products.


Aluminum frabrication service

Han Chang Enterprise Co., is proud to provide advance CNC machining and stamping for aluminum porducts like aluminum chasssis, aluminum panels, aluminum brackets, heat sinks in differnet industrial field. Our CNC machining process include all types of turning, boring,broaching and more. With full variety of fixturing options, metal stamping, drilling, clinching and surface treatment proccess enable us to offer suitable solutions for our clients when they meet any problems in the fabrication process. Our strength is to solve problem for our client with not only CNC machining, but also Aluminum extrusion, sheet metal fabrication, aluminium stamping and die casting. We are a full service provider of aluminium manufacturing, if you are looking for a trustworthy supplier, please give us a chance and get us involved early and we will meet your requirement with satisfaction.

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  • Aluminium machining - Customized Aluminium machining Service
    Aluminium machining
    CNC machining/Stamping/Sheet metal frabrication

    Aluminum has the characteristic of high ductility, corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity, non-magnetic, easy shaping and coloring. Han Chang has experience of machining specific extruded aluminum profile for our customers. We fabricate aluminium products through various way of machining including CNC machining, punch pressing, sheet metal bending and forming. We develop and produce complete aluminum chassis, amplifier panel and other aluminium components from extruded material(Aluminium material avalibility from serious 1 to serious 7) to finished products in various fields like industrial embedded systems, telecommunication, industrial automation…and so on. In addition to CNC machining, we also provide sheet metal bending procces to make prototypes for our clients.

  • Aluminium surface finishing - Customized aluminium Surface treatment Service
    Aluminium surface finishing
    Abbrasive Blasting/Brushing/Anodizing/Painting&Coating/Laser making

    Most of the products need surface finish, after the machining process is completed. We provide various surface fininshing like beat blasting, brushing, anodizing, powder coating, stencil printing and laser marking. With different methods of surface treatment, aluminium alloy workpeices can present different texture on the sruface and it is recommended to do the surface finishing process to prevent rust and oxidation. One of our strength is our add-values of surface finishing, we coordinate all the complicate an trival machining and finishing process in order to provide the best product for our clients. After the finishing process, we will execute a full inspection of workpieces to make sure the surface is clean and no defect, all of our out sourcing partners are elite in thier finishing fields and we have been working together for over 10 years and we make effort to achieve clients requirments.

  • Integrated Service for Aluminum Products - Comprehensive OEM for Aluminum Products
    Integrated Service for Aluminum Products
    Aluminium machining & Product assembling

    We are devoted in developing, manufacturing, machining and assembly of aluminum chassis and parts in the industrial field such as aluminum computer cases, industrial computer cases, aluminum front panel, aluminum frame for IPC, heatsinks.  We offer a range of ODM/OEM services to companies who require customizing or developing new products.  Our capability covers the full range of services from design, fabrication, assembly to delivery.  We have accumulated many excellent suppliers in this field, therefore, purchasers do not need to spend extra time searching for different suppliers. To help coordinate the procurement of our clients is one of our biggest advantages. We continuously develop our services in close cooperation with our customers.  Production efficiency and flexible services are developed through continuous training and new investments.   Give us a chance and we believe our years of experience ensured a product and service that is unsurpassed.

  • Aluminium Prototypes & Product design - Professional Aluminum Machining
    Aluminium Prototypes & Product design
    Aluminium metal working & sample making

    Han Chang has devoted in the field of aluminum CNC milling that make us to do precise manufacturing and also perfect for rapid prototyping. We provide rapid sample making of aluminum computer cases and chassis, aluminum frames and aluminum front panels.  Our more than 20 years experienced mechanism design and capability of processing analysis striving to help our customers achieve the anticipated results, from aluminum extruded material (5052/6061/6063/7005/7075), aluminum surface treatment to the assembly of semi-finished products.  Also, we offer chassis design and advising solutions for our customers to manufacture the perfect aluminum chassis, front panels, heatsinks that apply in the industrial field. In addition to CNC machining, sometimes we also use sheet metal bending procces to make prototypes for our clients.

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