HAN CHANG - we specialized in the manufacture of customized aluminum alloy products.

Product Assembling

Product Mounting

Our Assembling Line
Our Assembling Line

Han Chang have many years of experience in assembling process, we establish SOP for each product to ensure zero mistake during the process. Also, rigorous inspections are implemented in every packaging steps to provide the best product for our customers.

We not only manufacture single products but also provide assemble or mounting service according to the needs of the customers.

▲ Spring Assemble (Assembling parts or components according to customers requirement.)
We make all the aluminum pieces and finally assembling into one part as a complete finished product.

▲ Frame Adhesive (Adhesive special tape for aluminum frames)
We make the aluminum frames, and adhesive special tape at the back of the frame as a complete finished product.

▲ Thermal Conductive Pad Adhesive / Thermal Grease
Using thermal pad or thermal grease to link two joint faces, the heat flow goes through equally, and the thermal conductive performance gets better.

▲ Assembling heatsink or heat block or copper block on industrial computer chassis.
We can also assemble heatsink or heat block or copper block on industrial computer chassis depends on the need of our customers.

Pack and Delivery Service

1. All of our products will be inspected again during the packing process to reconfirm there's no scratch or defect on the products before packing.
2. We use durable cardboard to prevent the damage during delivery.
3. We provide special packing method depends on customers' requirements.
4. We adhere to the lead-time and delivery punctually.
5. We implemented strict quality inspection and delivery the products in the most safe and appropriate way.

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