Aluminium machining

CNC machining/Stamping/Sheet metal frabrication / We are well equipped with the latest machine providing CNC milling service, stamping and drilling service, assembling and packing service, as well as tooling develop and process planning, with these machining process, we can customize aluminum products.

Aluminium machining

CNC machining/Stamping/Sheet metal frabrication

Customized Aluminium machining Service
Customized Aluminium machining Service

Aluminum has the characteristic of high ductility, corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity, non-magnetic, easy shaping and coloring. Han Chang has experience of machining specific extruded aluminum profile for our customers. We fabricate aluminium products through various way of machining including CNC machining, punch pressing, sheet metal bending and forming. We develop and produce complete aluminum chassis, amplifier panel and other aluminium components from extruded material(Aluminium material avalibility from serious 1 to serious 7) to finished products in various fields like industrial embedded systems, telecommunication, industrial automation…and so on. In addition to CNC machining, we also provide sheet metal bending procces to make prototypes for our clients.

Our OEM aluminium products.

  • Aluminum industrial chassis.
  • Aluminum front panel or frames.
  • Industrial computer assembling or mounting.
  • Aluminium Heatsinks.
  • Aluminium audio chassis and panels.
  • Aluminum handles.
  • Aluminum components for cars and motorcycle.
  • Any kind of aluminum parts and component.
Aluminium CNC Machining
Our team has rich experience of CNC machining. By using different processing technic suchas 4-axis processing, Vacuum cup processing to manufacture more efficient but alsoprovide special effects on the work pieces like mirror finish. We are able to producehigh quality aluminum products like IPC chassis, aluminum componentsand aluminum frames.... etc. With the development of industrial 4.0, the demands of industrial computers are increasing, therefore,we constantly updating our machine forhigher functionality and better precision to make customers' satisfaction.
Aluminium punch pressing
One of our strengths is the production of punching, bending, tapping, drilling, clinching stamping tools as well as jigs which make our production line more efficient and reduce cost. We do what others can't not do. At Han Chang, we provide all-inclusive manufacture processing and machining which can help coordinate complicate machining procecure.
Sheet metal working
In addition to CNC machining, we are also specialized in sheet metal fabrication, which is the process of forming a piece of metal into a desired shape through bending, stretching, and removal of material. Typical sheet metal parts we manufacture include enclosures, chassis, brackets, assemblies, cabinets, and other components. Sheet metal parts are known for their durability and low cost, which makes them great for end-use applications like enclosures or chassis.
Related product
  • CNC machining black anodized heatsinks - black anodized heatsinks
    CNC machining black anodized heatsinks

    CNC machining black anodized heatsink , mainly used for motherboard. The grooved design of the surface increasing the dissipation area. Customized lengths, colors and holes are accepted.

  • Black anodizd embedded chassis - Customize Embedded Chassis
    Black anodizd embedded chassis

    Black anodized embedded system case made by CNC milling and stamping. Aluminum alloy has high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. We also provide assembling or mounting service depends on the requirements.

  • CNC machinig ditched silver anodized heatsinks - Customized Motherboard Heatsinks
    CNC machinig ditched silver anodized heatsinks

    Mainly used for the motherboard, the grooved design can increase the heat dissipation area.

  • H shaped heatsinks - H-Shaped Heatsink
    H shaped heatsinks

    CNC machining H shaped silver anodized heatsink, light and highly conductive thermal dissipation. Customized lengths, colors and holes are accepted.

  • CNC machining gray anodized heatsinks with abbrasive. - Customized Motherboard Heatsinks
    CNC machining gray anodized heatsinks with abbrasive.

    Using CNC machining to ensure the flatness of the intersurface. External surface treatment like abbrasive and anodizing is applied to the product if the parts require a decorative finishes.

  • Gray assembled embedded chassis - Embedded system  Chassis
    Gray assembled embedded chassis

    This chassis can be disassembled into top cover, bottom plate, front and rear panels. Customize made exclusive chassis according to the requirments.

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