Integrated Service for Aluminum Products

Aluminium machining & Product assembling / We are well equipped with the latest machine providing CNC milling service, stamping and drilling service, assembling and packing service, as well as tooling develop and process planning, with these machining process, we can customize aluminum products.

Integrated Service for Aluminum Products

Aluminium machining & Product assembling

Comprehensive OEM for Aluminum Products
Comprehensive OEM for Aluminum Products

We are devoted in developing, manufacturing, machining and assembly of aluminum chassis and parts in the industrial field such as aluminum computer cases, industrial computer cases, aluminum front panel, aluminum frame for IPC, heatsinks.  We offer a range of ODM/OEM services to companies who require customizing or developing new products.  Our capability covers the full range of services from design, fabrication, assembly to delivery.  We have accumulated many excellent suppliers in this field, therefore, purchasers do not need to spend extra time searching for different suppliers. To help coordinate the procurement of our clients is one of our biggest advantages. We continuously develop our services in close cooperation with our customers.  Production efficiency and flexible services are developed through continuous training and new investments.   Give us a chance and we believe our years of experience ensured a product and service that is unsurpassed.

Why do you choose Han Chang?

  • Two decades of aluminum OEM experience, establishing SOP/SIP to ensure zero mistake during mass production.
  • Provide added value with complete assembling services for customers as a comprehensive solution of complicated process and purchasing issues.
  • We have long-term relationship partners, enable us to manufacture products that meet customers' expectation.
  • Complete quality assurance and inspection procedure, ensuring us to provide the highest quality.
Industrial computer chassis Solution
An IPC Company in Taiwan has demand for a 60W fanless aluminum embedded chassis(260*215*79mm-AL6063) which was originally manufactured in China. However, due to the high defect rate on the surface with bumps and scratches of the aluminum chassis, the client turned to search for substitute suppliers who could help to lower the defect rate and the cost. After our evaluation, because of its large size and heavy weight, the aluminum extruded profile can be easily distorted and deformed during the process which is the main cause of the high defect rate and increasing cost. We suggested client to redesigning and modifying the extrusion mold without changing the original structure and inspect the surface evenness each by each to make sure the distorted or deformed of the aluminum profile is 180 ° flat during the CNC machining process to over come there problems.
Aluminum panels and frames fabrication
Aluminium front panels and frames are one of our popular products, therefore we have accumulated many years of experiences dealing problems and difficluties during the machining process. Our panels capable machining sizes are from 9.5 inch to 32 inch and with our CNC machining skills we can make integrally formed alumiunm panels for those small sizes. On the other hand, for those big sizes panels and frames, we can do aluminum extrusion with machining technics to fabricate. There are many ways of machining and we always provide the best suggestion in order to produce the highest quality for our clients. The characteristic of aluminium material is soft, therefore, there are some problems usually occurs like defomation which may lead to a measurement problem when assembling and tool marks that make a bad appearence of products. Our strength is our capabiltiy of intergted all machining processes and to solve problems for our client.

Add values on packings that meet client's requirment.

We manufacture the aluminum chassis with thermal pads adhesive on it. In addition to the fabrication of the aluminum computer case, we also help our client to find screws accessories, heat dissipation pad, thermal pad and packing materials. According to customers' requirements, our production line can pack the product with specific packing to ensure no damage during the delivery. We believe our all-inclusive services can reduce the cost and lower the purchasing issue for our client and we have confidence to bring maximum benefit to our clients cooperating with us.

We manufacture the aluminum chassis with thermal pads adhesive on it.

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