Aluminium surface finishing

Abbrasive Blasting/Brushing/Anodizing/Painting&Coating/Laser making / We are well equipped with the latest machine providing CNC milling service, stamping and drilling service, assembling and packing service, as well as tooling develop and process planning, with these machining process, we can customize aluminum products.

Aluminium surface finishing

Abbrasive Blasting/Brushing/Anodizing/Painting&Coating/Laser making

Customized aluminium Surface treatment Service
Customized aluminium Surface treatment Service

Most of the products need surface finish, after the machining process is completed. We provide various surface fininshing like beat blasting, brushing, anodizing, powder coating, stencil printing and laser marking. With different methods of surface treatment, aluminium alloy workpeices can present different texture on the sruface and it is recommended to do the surface finishing process to prevent rust and oxidation. One of our strength is our add-values of surface finishing, we coordinate all the complicate an trival machining and finishing process in order to provide the best product for our clients. After the finishing process, we will execute a full inspection of workpieces to make sure the surface is clean and no defect, all of our out sourcing partners are elite in thier finishing fields and we have been working together for over 10 years and we make effort to achieve clients requirments.

Our OEM aluminium products.

  • Aluminum industrial chassis.
  • Aluminum front panel or frames.
  • Industrial computer assembling or mounting.
  • Aluminium Heatsinks.
  • Aluminium audio chassis and panels.
  • Aluminum handles.
  • Aluminum components for cars and motorcycle.
  • Any kind of aluminum parts and component.
Abrasive blasting
The purpose of beat blasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is to smooth a rough surface of the work piece and to perform better quality both visually and tactually.  Furthermore, it can perform better quality and metallic texture appearance with anodizing.  We offer various roughness of sand blasting treatment depending on the requirement of our customers.     Benefits of sand blasting is to remove burr or surface contaminants and to smoothen a rough surface.  Also, different surface roughness is available to perform different textures.  It is usually used as a pre processing for anodizing and powder coating work piece, improving adhesion and corrosion resistance of the work piece.
Anodizing is one of the most popular surface treatments used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminum parts. Most aluminum made embedded computer or fan less chassis are anodized because of the characteristic of its corrosion-resistant durability, color stability and aesthetic. In addition, it is the most efficient and low-cost solution with great value for surface treatment. Various color alternatives are available upon request, please feel free to contact for more information. In addition to traditional anodizing, we also offer hardcoat anodizing which provides a surface that is more wear resistant and has a smoother and harder finish. it is usually applied for aluminum workpieces that require hard wear resistance such as military used components and electrical resistivity.
Brushed finish is one of the most popular pre-processing methods for aluminum in decorative uses. It is processed by brushing aluminum with an 80-1000 grit belt that gives aluminum a distinctive look with a metallic muted luster and a pattern of fine parallel line. It is commonly processed before anodizing to not only smoothen a dull surface but also produce an aesthetic look on the workpiece. Various texture and metallic luster effects can be presented with different abrasive belts from 80-1000.
Powder coating
Powder coating is usually used to create a hard finish which prevents aluminum from rusting and oxidized. The benefit of powder coating is that it will have fewer appearance differences compared to anodizing items. We provide liquid coating, powder coating and some effect coating using special paint such as metallic paint.
Laser engraving and Screen printing
We provide custom laser engraving service for aluminum workpieces. Using laser light to break the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece to accurately and quickly engrave the designed graphics, numbers or fonts and partially. It has the superior quality of clear lines and permanently lasting on the workpiece. We also provide another common surface treatment method, which is screen printing. Painting the logos or patterns or icons on the workpiece. We offer custom colors and patterns depending on the needs of our customers.
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